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24 Hour Appraisal Group, LLC is committed to professionalism when resolving disputes requiring a value being placed on real property. Our proficient experience with the intricacies of each of these processes allows us to efficiently complete appraisal reports that meet any demands.

  • Attorneys – Divorce
    •  Unbiased appraisals for property settlement  
  • Attorneys – Estate Planning 
    • Appraisals for the distribution of property and asset management of wills
    • Expedited appraisals for consistent effective dates and market value estimates  
  • Attorneys – Tax Law and CPAs  
    • Independent appraisals for tax appeal determinations   
  • Real Estate Transactions 
    • Pre-listing appraisals to facilitate smoother closings 
    • Relocation appraisals based on timelines and pending sales 
    • Eminent Domain and Condemnation appraisals for the determination of “just compensation” 
Our Certified Residential Appraisers meet all requisite education and certification requirements in the areas of education, licensing, certification and continuing education. 
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